1911- August 11th

1911 (2011)
Madarin/English- Historical War Drama
Rated “R”
Runtime- 125 min.
dir. Jackie Chan and Zhang Li 

Story/Writing: 2/2

While I can’t speak as to the historical value of the film, it tells a great story.

Acting: 1.5/2

The principles are really good, but the ensemble is underwhelming. It doesn’t matter that much, though, as the main actors are almost all that you see. That said, the variance of personality among everyone on-screen is really good.

Photography/Set: 2/2

Gorgeous sets filmed in a straightforward style. I was especially astounded by some of the open battlefield shots during the fighting.

Sound/FX: 2/2

Again, really good. A broad, sweeping soundtrack, punctuated by the sounds of a war. The acts of valor committed by the characters, however unbelievable, are made more realistic by the effects present.

Misc: 1.5/2

All of the really interesting action can tend to make the wordy parts really boring.


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