The 5th Quarter- July 26th

The 5th Quarter (2010)
English- Sports Drama
Rated “PG”
Runtime- 97 min.
dir. Rick Bieber

Christian media has always been an enigma to me.  I suppose it falls into a similar category as “edutainment” in that it tries desperately to walk the fine line between entertainment and its message.  Some can succeed at this and do really well (Bill Nye, Veggie Tales).  But for every win, it seems there are ten losses that are cast by the wayside.


Story/Writing: 1/2

There’s a good story here, but it seems that the guys who adapted it into a screenplay need to read up on plot structure.  It seems that the movie can’t decide who the main character is until it’s too late.  Bad dialogue throughout doesn’t help this matter.

Acting: .5/2

Soap opera level.

Photography/Set: 1/2

All of the sets have a borrowed or rented feeling to them, and it seems that they ran a little short on footage overall.

Sound/FX: .5/2

Sub-par soundtrack that is not complimented by poor special effects. Somewhere along the way, someone didn’t think about the fact that vintage footage and professionally shot film look really bad when juxtaposed.

Misc: 1/2

Watchable, but if you’re looking for something truly inspiring, look elsewhere.


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