Downfall- July 20th

Downfall (2004)
German- War Drama… about Hitler
Rated “R”
Runtime- 155 min.
dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel

In case you don’t know, this Academy award nominated film is most famous for the YouTube sensation of “Hitler finds out…” videos.  Apart from the fact that these parodies are very funny, the original source material is a very good film.

Story/Writing: 2/2

A tiny bit long, but really good the whole way through.  The plot details the historical events surrounding the final days of the Third Reich.  Mostly taking place in Hitler’s bunker, the film recounts a lot of details that may be unknown to most viewers.

Acting: 1.5/2

Bruno Ganz is riveting in the role of the Fürer, giving the more dimension than previous iterations.  Although all of the characters provide a distinct portrait of the setting, there might be too many people to share the same screen.

Photography/Set: 2/2

Stark photography combined with meticulous set construction add up to a movie that is both beautiful and haunting to look at.

Sound/FX: 2/2

Again, great attention to detail in terms of historical accuracy make the film all the more engrossing.  The parts that include gunfights are a little downplayed, but they aren’t really the focus.

Misc: 1.5/2

The enormous amounts of depression gushed over such a long period of time may get to some, but you should really be expecting it.


It’s very good!

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