Saint John of Las Vegas- July 5th

Saint John of Las Vegas (2009)
English- Dramedy
Rated “R”
Runtime- 84 min.
dir. Hue Rhodes

A fun little independent treat, this movie was quite the surprise in a number of ways.

Story/Writing: 1/2

The jokes don’t always hit, but when they do, it works out well.  Sometimes the overall goal of the main characters becomes really vague and hard to follow.

Acting: 2/2

A lot of great performances all around.  I’ve never seen Buscemi lead as a protagonist, but he’s pretty good at it.  Romany Malco, Sarah Silverman, and Peter Dinklage make up a very colorful supporting cast.

Photography/Set: 1/2

It was hard to tell whether the sets were meant to give off an air of crappiness, or if they were just crappy.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

Decent music choices and some good practical effects are easily forgotten.

Misc: 1.5/2

Starts off in a weird place and ends up somewhere else, but the ride wasn’t bad.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the production was hurried about halfway through the schedule.


Give it a shot if you’re into the indie comedy mix.


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