The Wind That Shakes the Barley- June 10th

The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006)
English- War Drama
Not Rated
Runtime- 127 min.
dir. Ken Loach

So far in this year-long film adventure, I have come across several films that have fallen into the realm of historical fiction.  The main concern in a lot of these films is their characterization of oppressive forces.  I will start off this review by stating that, although the depiction of British soldiers in The Wind That Shakes  the Barley is a bit heavy-handed, it is fictional.

Story/Writing: 2/2

Really good, with a completely necessary length.

Acting: 1.5/2

Unless you’ve lived on that green little island called Ireland, you may want to consider turning on the subtitles.  Cillian Murphy is great as the hard-headed, but brave, Damian O’Donovan.

Photography/Set: 2/2

A lot of great, on-location shooting.  The DP did his job to really capture the emotions of every scene.

Sound/FX: 1/2

Not the strongest part of the movie.  I feel the soundtrack could have been a lot bolder, especially with Ireland’s musical background.  The effects are not bad, but nothing outstanding.

Misc: 1.5/2

In watching the film itself, I hope that you will see why it doesn’t matter if the British are portrayed as cartoonishly evil.


If any of what I’ve talked about has intrigued you, definitely give this one a gander.


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