2012- May 30th

2012 (2009)
English- Disaster Drama
Rated “PG-13”
Runtime- 158 min.
dir. Roland Emmerich

There are lots of different categories I place movies into, several of which actually encourage me to watch  less than good movies.  If I had to put a name to a particular type of these movies, it would be “rollercoaster flicks”.  They are best experienced on a good television, a good sound system, the lights off, and sometimes a little inebriation.  One of the tell-tale signs are light writing.

Story/Writing: 1/2

The earth is coming to an end and- KAPOW!  FWOOSH BANG!  The character development is squashed into a small space with no room to grow.

Acting: 1.5/2

There is plenty of high-grade B-list talent available, with Danny Glover and Chiwetel Ejiofor heading up the roster.

Photography/Set: 2/2

As good as the millions of dollars invested in it can look.

Sound/FX: 2/2


Misc: 0/2

Kind of unredeeming.  After all of the over-the-top effects and locales, the one liners, and the ridiculous length, there isn’t quite enough to enjoy.

VERDICT: 6.5/10

This is a “rollercoaster flick”.


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