Monsters- May 15th

Monsters (2010)
English- Horror/Thriller
Rated “R”
Runtime- 94 min.
dir. Gareth Edwards

I really hate it when movies are able to put up some cool ads about a movie with a unique premise, only for the execution of that movie to totally suck.  Usually, I don’t get sucked in on ad campaigns because I believe that professional salespeople can make anything look good.  Once in a while, however, I give a movie like this a chance.  Sometimes I’m rewarded, sometimes not…

Story/Writing: 1/2

Kind of gets a little lost after about the first half hour or so.  Painstakingly creates a really neat little alternate universe, only to squander it in the end.

Acting: 1/2

Two no-names (maybe they’re known in the UK) falter under the weight of what eventually becomes a character study.  Any other characters presented are completely forgettable, whether they are important or not.

Photography/Set: 1.5/2

Some pretty cool sets framed by standard thriller movie photography.  Other than a couple of neat setpieces, it primarily looks pretty much like Cali, even if they didn’t shoot there.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

Very unique-looking monsters that I wish could have made more appearances.  I’m not saying that it should have been chock-full of them, but a monster movie that only has monsters on-screen for about 20-25 min. needs to decide what it wants to be.  It either needs to have them around a lot more to make them as normal as it says they are, or it needs to make the scenes they are in huge.

Misc: 1.5/2

It could have been much more.

VERDICT: 6.5/10

It didn’t end up being as great as I though and hoped it would be, but I would still recommend it to monster movie aficionados, and anyone looking to have a pretty good time.

P.S.- Realized something crazy last night while browsing IMDB.  I’ll make a post about it later!!


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