For April 10th- The Lie

Independent films have always been a little back and forth for me.  More often back than forth.  And by back I mean bad, and forth is good, so yeah.  The worst part is that the Indie films you hear about all have some kind of critical acclaim about them, disguising their actual quality.  This usually comes in the form of a nomination  or award from a festival.

The Lie sticks to the common perception of films like these.  It starts off as early as the cover art. <==Just check out this award (smugly) from Sundance.   The exception is that it doesn’t have a yellow backdrop. It definitely does well to completely shirk around the actual topic of the film.

Story/Writing: .5/2

I won’t say much, other than that the start is slow and the resolution drags out for way too long.  The “lie” that is told is pretty good as far as upsetting the balance of the setting, but it really isn’t worth the time.

Acting: .5/2

The protagonist is completely unlikable, and the rest of the supporting cast is either too weird or too normal to help much.

Photography/Set: 1.5/2

Actually fairly vibrant, which was pretty surprising in contrast to the rest of the film.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

Not bad, but nothing special, and being an indie drama is no excuse.

Misc: 0/2



Skip it.  Unless you’re some kind of indie film nerd.

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