New findings and schedule

In finishing my schedule through September, I learned a few things about Netflix, as well as personal technology in general.

  1. Never watch a documentary about anything on your own Netflix.  This will cause 3 out of every 10 suggestions to be political, biographical, and environmental documentaries for the rest of your account’s existence.
  2. Never watch any movie from the 80’s, or you will experience a phenomenon similar to point #1, only with quirky comedies and low-budget action flicks.
  3. Netflix changes its movie availability without notice and without reason.  This may not be a problem for someone who has both parts of their service, but one-siders beware.
  4. Apparently, no movie that grossed over several million on its first weekend at box office will ever be available for Instant Watch.  This is ridiculous.
  5. It is very hard to find random, good (or “good” bad) movies in browsing Netflix’s Instant Watch category.

If technology is slowly going to creep into our lives and deliver unto us the things that it thinks we desire, it could at least come with an “off” switch.


About svolkmer

Photographer. Filmmaker. Nice guy.
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