For March 22nd- Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai

<Okay, look at the first four lines at the top of this <poster and then tell me that this movie does not <sound like a good idea.

Forest Whitaker plays a hit man, Ghost Dog, who has devoted himself to the strict ideals of the samurai.  He does jobs for the Mafia, and communicates about this business only by carrier pigeon.  After knocking off  a particularly important target, the Mafia decides that he needs to go.  Things only get more interesting from here.  It is a light character study, caught up in a tale of modern chivalry, and incorporating an urban setting.

Story/Writing: 2/2

Pretty good film dealing with the death of cultures, and the relationships within those ways of life.  The plot is a little non-traditional as far as a story arc goes, but it makes sense by the end.

Acting: 2/2

Great characters, even if some of them aren’t fully explored.  There is the feeling of a bigger story at work in a bigger world throughout the film.

Photography/Set 1.5/2

Pretty good photography that does well to communicate the language of the scenery and setting.  There probably could have been just a little more though.

Sound/FX: 1/2

The music is a little strange, never fully deciding whether it wants to be atmospheric, plot commentary, or new age Asian.  The effects are surprisingly good at points, but fade with continued time on screen.

Misc: 1.5/2

A very fulfilling action drama that definitely fills out the time it takes.  It also ends pretty well too.


Swearing and racial epithets are present, so a college-age or older audience is best.  Pretty much good for anyone, even people who would prefer something a little blander, like 12 Rounds.


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