For March 16th- What’s Up Tiger Lily?

I have only ever seen bits and pieces of Woody Allen’s work, so when I cam across What’s Up Tiger Lily?, I figured that I had found a place to start.  I’ve always liked the idea of spoofs that involve directly changing someone else’s for the purpose of farce.  I love watching episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, as well as being a fan of “Weird” Al Yankovic.  I think that it is the most direct form of spoof comedy available, and that those who purvey it have perfected it to an art form.  While I’m not sure if I would like it if my work was ever chosen for this sort of gag, it is certainly fun to watch it happen to others.

Story/Writing: 2/2

Allen’s comedic timing is deadly accurate, completely revising the entire sequence of the film to fit his absurd plot.  There are plenty of great one-liner bits that take complete advantage of everything that is a part of the original film.

Acting: 1.5/2

The voice acting is great, even if the on-screen talent isn’t.  Again, great comedic timing prevails to make this a laugh-fest.

Photography/Set: 1/2

Not much to work with in the original film, but well adapted to fit another’s interests.

Sound/FX: 1/2

The voiceover work is good, which is something that obviously needs to be.  There are some really badly shoe-horned band scenes with The Lovin’ Spoonful that completely throw the film off of its track.  Thankfully, these are few and far in between, so they don’t do much damage.

Misc: 2/2

A novel little flick that is well worth the 80 minutes you will invest in it.

VERDICT: 7.5/10

Great for any fans of the shows or music listed in the introduction, especially for you MST3K fans.


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One Response to For March 16th- What’s Up Tiger Lily?

  1. yahneverknow says:

    One of my all time favorite movies. I haven’t seen it in years. I wonder if I still know every single word. “If you remove it, one of my pieces falls off.”

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