For March 15th- Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Every time I see a great comedian reduced to doing ridiculous family movies, I get a little afraid. Now, there have been plenty of funny men and women whose careers have managed to survive doing this kind of flick. The first one to come to mind is Robin Williams. Problem is that Williams is a fairly versatile actor, and he has a therefore easier time filling these roles. Jim Carrey has been erratic when it comes these kind of roles.

The root of the problem is that many of these comedians are known for an edgier style of comedy.  This is usually in conflict with the types of jokes that they are expected to say in family comedies.  Thus, they are out of their element.

Story/Writing: 1/2

Based on a book of the same title from 1938, this adapted family film has literally every ingredient one could expect.  A little bland and dragged-out at times, but not wholly terrible.

Acting: 1.5/2

Everyone fills their parts fairly well.  My only complaint would have to be the children.  Just something about them was annoying and unlikable.  Clark Gregg was a nice surprise, too bad he almost cracked during one of his more ridiculous lines.

Photography/Set: 1.5/2

Pretty good, with varied locations.  Enough to keep it watchable anyway.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

The digital penguins look very good, actually surprisingly so.  The soundtrack is pretty good too, accentuating the hijinks that take place on-screen.

Misc: 1/2

Could have been very much worse.

VERDICT: 6.5/10

A pretty good and inoffensive family flick.  I wish someone would write something for Jim Carrey to be funny in again.


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