For March 12th- Valhalla Rising

 So I knew that when I watched this movie, I could expect a giant awesome slash-fest. What I certainly wasn’t ready for was the art film slash-fest that I got instead. The thing had actual separated acts, which I thought was really weird. I’ve seen a lot of movies with stylized forms of violence, such as 300, but Valhalla Rising is different. Instead of making the violence the supreme focus of the movie, it focuses a lot on the between parts.

The main problem with its focus is that there isn’t really a lot to lean on. There isn’t enough dialogue, and the violence isn’t particularly awing. But this should be part of the review, so let’s get to that.

Story/Writing: 1.5/2

Very epic, but the spoken dialogue could fit on the back of a cereal box. Now stark writing can work sometimes, but in this case it doesn’t help characterization.

Acting: 1/2

Not a lot there, but the characters are interesting enough to keep the plot moving.

Photography/Set: 1.5/2

Great on location shots in beautiful places. Sometimes the shots of forests got a little old, but they looked really great.

Sound/FX: .5/2

For what they must have spent to shoot in these locations, the effects are surprisingly terrible. The soundtrack is pretty bad too.

Misc: 1/2

Not a great Norse adventure flick like I had hoped, which made me a little disappointed.

VERDICT: 5.5/10


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