For March 6th- Pi

I thought that perhaps some combination of my temperment and the movies I had watched so far in my life may have prepared me to be able to handle some really weird cinematic stuff.

I may have been wrong in jumping to this conclusion.

I don’t know why I feel it necessary to go into almost every movie I’ve watched utterly blind.  It seems to have served me up a several course meal of weird and mediocre, with occasional side dishes of fantastic and terrible.  Had I done research on this movie beforehand, I would have learned that it was a weird psychological ride.

Story/Writing: 1.5/2

The audience follows the reclusive and paranoid Max Cohen, a brilliant mathematician obsessed with finding the numbers and rules that govern nature.  Some Jewish sect members and Wall Street headhunters begin to take notice of his activities, and as they begin to pursue him, he begins to be consumed by the insanity of his work.

Acting: 1.5/2

Sean Gullette is good as Max, perfecting the paranoia that begins to take hold.  The supporting cast members are all wonderfully cast, and some of them are truly frightening in their roles.

Photography/Set: 1/2

Mediocre sets obscured by overly gritty camerawork.  The bad 16mm film ruins a lot of what there is too look at.  I understand that it is an artistic choice, but this one may have been a bad idea.

Sound/FX: 2/2

Includes some of the highlights of the film.  Without giving too much away, a lot of the effects are simply loud noises or use lighting to their advantage.  Simple but very well-timed.

Misc: 1/2

Well put together and moves along at a very good pace.  Max’s narrations of his daily activities are a nice touch to his character development.


A fairly good film.  Don’t watch on a full stomach or if you have a weaker constitution when it comes to the weird.

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1 Response to For March 6th- Pi

  1. Joseph Jones says:

    oh if you thought this was weird just wait til you see Requiem for a Dream.

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