For March 5th- The Man From Nowhere

I’d have to say, when it comes to certain genres, there are some flicks from the Asian continent that kick the crap out of their American or European counterparts.  And yes, The Man From Nowhere would probably fit into that category.

The movie definitely takes off a little slower than others, but I think that is the exact reason that many of these movies are better than others of the same genre.  They actually take time to develop the characters involved, as well as the story itself, before getting into the nitty-gritty action bits.  They also are less reliant upon the action to move the plot along, or to attempt to develop characters.

Story/Writing: 1.5/2

A plot that is certainly a little slow to get going, but once it gains momentum, it doesn’t slow down.  Sometimes spends a little long in character and relationship development, but I found that it paid off later in the movie.

Acting: 1.5/2

The leads are all good, especially Bin Won as the seemingly emotionless anti-hero.  Other than that, the best part is that the supporting cast is also pretty good.

Photography/Set: 1.5/2

The sets are nicely varied and very well-dressed, so to speak.  The photography is gritty and real.  The editing maintains the tense feelings of the action sequences, while being versatile enough to still feel the softer moments throughout.

Sound/FX: 2/2

The effects throughout are all great, the correlation between the visual parts and the sound parts is strong enough to make you feel every bullet impact.  The music isn’t too shabby either.

Misc: 2/2

The plot is good and the story is well written, combine this with some great visual effects and pretty good acting, and you have a surprisingly satisfying action flick.

VERDICT: 8.5/10

Great for anyone, anytime.

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2 Responses to For March 5th- The Man From Nowhere

  1. WestWords81 says:

    Good movie, Thailand has some good action flicks too. Check out Chocolate. Nice post

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