For March 1st- The Expendables

These are some expensive expendables

There has been something of a myth that seems to be perpetuating throughout Hollywood.  The idea is that if you invest enough money in the casting department of a film, then nothing can possibly go wrong.  Sadly, in many cases, this is not true in the least.  There could be many reasons for this issue occurring as often as it does.  This may be yet another subject that I need to write about in the future.

That said, I certainly didn’t have high expectations for this movie going into it. Apart from the marketing completely turning me off of it, it also stars two pro wrestlers and an array of action heroes.  Despite that most of these actors are washed up, they also aren’t used to sharing the screen.

Story/Writing: .5/2

Thinly veiled excuse to cram in as many cameos and one-liners into a movie that at once feels both over-stuffed and way drawn out.

Acting: 1/2

With so much former talent pushed into such a film, it has to be good at some points. Definitely too many big names in one space.  Sometimes I thought Terry Crews was going to jump right into an Old Spice commercial.


Decent sets photographed in completely safe ways.  Everything is perfectly nameless.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

Actually pretty decent, but nothing to celebrate.  The guns were loud, as were the explosions, but that’s about it.  The cheap-looking blood effects certainly didn’t help.

Misc: .5/2

A largely unfulfilling action flick with few redeeming characteristics.

VERDICT: 4.5/10

Maybe good for a guys’ night in, but there are better action movies out there.

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2 Responses to For March 1st- The Expendables

  1. Joseph Jones says:

    for what it was supposed to be this really isn’t that bad of a film it’s not Oscar worthy in anyway but it’s a really fun Stallone vehicle, the Second one… I’m not so sure about.

  2. It’s a good, fun brain switched off movie for when you just want some action!

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