For Feb 23rd: Out of Sync

Out of Sync? Is that a DJ thing? Fo' shizzle

I really wish that these stupid Instant Watch issues would stop, as I really don’t like having to look for new movies to try and watch.  Although it may have turned up several winners so far, the main reason that I don’t like having to look for them is films like this one.

I guess before LL Cool J became the remotely likable actor that he is today, it looks like he did crap like this.  For those of you who may be fans of LL’s career in its entirety, I ask you to avert your eyes.

Story/Writing: .5/2

Poorly constructed plot made unwatchable by bad writing.  A straight-laced disc jockey with a bad past, Julian St. Whatever (LL) falls in love with a mobster’s girlfriend.  Said mobster doesn’t really appreciate this.  Hilarity ensues.  (I wish)

Acting: .5/2

All completely over the top in the worst way possible.  Terrible lines badly delivered by LL and company.

Photography/Set: .5/2

The sets look ridiculously like sets, and it makes me want to vomit.

Sound/FX: 1/2

I guess the gun and blood effects aren’t terrible, but the sound work is pretty laughable.  The random slow motion scene and bad fade in/outs don’t help things.

Misc: .5/2

Never gets to where it should go.  Could of been even a B-level action flick if anything had worked right.


Bad, bad, bad.  Even fans should stay far away.

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