For Feb 20th- Alpha and Omega

Well I guess “Apocalypto” and “Big” have gone off of Instant Watch on Netflix.  This has caused me some anxiety regarding my current list, so there might be some more upcoming changes, depending on what’s available.  I was attempting to get off of my Asian movie bent, and it appeared that this movie would do the trick, so I gave it a try.

There are those critics (including myself, usually) that come down very hard on children’s and family movies, saying that they are an extremely pedestrian form of a higher art.  “Alpha and Omega”, sadly, pretty much sticks to these prejudices, and actually even provides some ammunition for it’s detractors.

Story/Writing: 1/2

While the general story arc is fairly strong and simple, the characters aren’t very well written.  I get that most of the humor is meant to be juvenile, but most of the jokes aren’t very funny, even for kids.  The jokes that are intended for the kids also juxtapose harshly with the grown-up centered lines.

Acting: 1/2

Everyone reads their part directly off of the script.  The vocal talents of the actors, however interesting some of them are, aren’t put to good emotional use.  Glover was the only fun one to listen to.

Photography/Set: 1.5/2

The computer generated set pieces are pretty good, and the colors are great.  The camera work is average, especially for a 3-D animated film.

Sound/FX: 1/2

The studio who created this, Crest Animation, was unknown to me.  Their relative newness to the technology shows in both a somewhat fresh visual style, coupled with newbie errors in judgement.


Not a terrible entry into the world of computer-animated movies, but there are many amateur errors that detract from the overall product.


Decent family flick, could definitely keep most youngsters entertained.


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