For Feb 15th- Bubba Ho-tep

This was a really weird movie.  Another one.

The reason I picked this one is because it had Bruce Campbell.  He is someone I’ve been able to trust in any comedy; black, dark, or otherwise.  What I didn’t really expect was this to get to the level of weirdness that it did.

The best way I could sum this movie up is this: A man who may or may not be Elvis Presley teams up with a black man who thinks that he is JFK to fight a soul-stealing cowboy mummy in a retirement home.

So really, you should watch this as soon as you can.

Story/Writing: 1.5/2

Campbell’s Elvis is great, and his inner monologues are hilarious.  The story also twists in unexpected ways.  It seems at some points to plateau and continue its character development, in other places it jumps wildly and moves forward at a much faster speed.

Acting: 1.5/2

All of the characters are a lot of fun.  Everyone is a little out of place in who they are, almost over-the-top, but not quite.  Ossie Davis is really funny as “JFK”.

Photography/Set: 1/2

The rest home feels really sad and completely depressing.  The shots in the home do have some trouble staying linear and understandable.  This is because the set overall is very plain and repetitive.

Sound/FX: 2/2

The effects are pretty good, especially for 2002 on a smaller budget.  The mummy is really cool and pretty scary in some of the early scenes.  The cut choices and photographic effects used to portray the odd and scary things happening at the home are cool too.

Misc: 2/2

The dark comedy combined with the thriller/horror notions give this movie a lot of watchability and make it a fun viewing.  The pieces are put together well to make the whole thing very satisfying.


A good watch for any Bruce Campbell fans.  Good for dark comedy fans or regular film nerds as well.

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