For Feb 6th: Going Overboard

I’ve always a rule for Adam Sandler movies that I have found to mostly hold true.  Any movie he stars in with a two word title (“Big Daddy”, “Happy Gilmore”) is going to be good.  Any other word amounts (“Click”, “Jack and Jill”) will be bad.  I have thus far been able to defend this rule well enough in the past.   Now “Going Overboard” has managed to shatter this guideline into thousands of meaningless bits.

I didn’t have great expectations for the movie from the start.  However, Sandler  messily breaking the fourth wall in the first 2 minutes made me heave a great sigh of disdain.  This was a tough one to make it through.

Story/Writing: .5/2

Made very little sense.  When it did, it wasn’t very funny.  It seemed at some points that there were parts of the film missing, with unresolved plot holes everywhere.  Also, I don’t know how all of this took over an hour and a half to resolve.

Acting: .5/2

Bad.  Most of the characters are completely unlikable, and those that are can’t emote.  The few bright spots are cameos by Billy Bob Thornton and Milton Berle, as well as the stone-age beginnings of an actually funny Adam Sandler.

Photography/Set: 0/2

Atrocious and abysmal.  It looks like they rented out a retired and half rusted-out cruise ship to film the whole thing on.  This apart from all the “wacky shenanigans” taking place.  The beauty pageant bits made me want to cry.

Sound/FX: .5/2

They managed to capture the actors saying their lines.  The parts that were over-dubbed are terrible and it falls out of sync in places.

Misc: .5/2

Just bad, so bad.  A few laugh-causing jokes sprinkled throughout this hour and a half long tragedy.


God-awful bland “comedy”.


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One Response to For Feb 6th: Going Overboard

  1. Alma says:

    Wiki says that the crew forgot to bring the box of lenses onto the ship, so the DP had to shoot with incorrect lenses… Even better.

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