For Jan. 31st: Collapse

I was really expecting this to be a true, out-and-out “Dateline”-style documentary about the causes and reasons behind the financial collapse of 2007/08, as well as any future disruptions in the economic-industrial world.  What I got was something waaay crazier.

Turns out that the film is an interview with an informant and author named Michael Ruppert.  Ruppert has been in investigative journalism for quite some time.  His career in writing began when  he confronted the then head of the CIA at a town hall meeting in 1996, accusing the CIA of being complicit in drug-trafficking activities.  Since then he has written several books and ran a newsletter for 8 years.

Story and Writing: 1.5/2

Basically a series of short, well-researched monologues about peak oil and the end times.  Sometimes gets a little ranty, but overall Ruppert is very well-spoken.

Acting: 1/2

Whether you believe him or not, you can tell Ruppert is very emotionally invested in his theories.  Problem is, most of the rest of the time, he is very cold and serious about the whole thing.

Photography and Set: 1.5/2

The director was able to make a man giving an interview in a chair very interesting.  Well-timed cutaways to relevant footage accentuate what Ruppert is talking about.

Sound and FX: 2/2

Ruppert’s speaking is clear and understandable, but the real show-stopper is the soundtrack.  It punctuates the feeling of what he’s talking about perfectly.

Misc: 1/2

It felt like it should have been either a little shorter, or much more protracted.  Ruppert also gets a little bit too dark at times which can just be downright depressing.


Pretty good, especially for doomsday fans or those into economic theory.

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