For Jan. 23rd: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- The Movie

Well, this was my random selection to replace “The Maltese Falcon” and I’m not sure if I regret it yet.  Recognizing that the Power Rangers were an enormous pop culture force in my youth, I don’t think that I had ever seen the movie.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it follows the heroic exploits of six superhuman teenagers as they battle evil monsters bent on world domination.  The plot is typically simple and self-affirming as well as very kid-friendly.  As far as I know, the series is still running in some form today.


Story: .5/2

Very thin, but as to be expected.

Acting: .5/2

What’s to say?  Do they really have to be that good?

Photography: 1/2

Standard action filming.  It made sense enough to flow pretty smoothly.

Sound/FX: 1/2

The sound wasn’t great.  The effects were pretty good for 1995, especially the computer-generated monsters.

Misc: .5/2

It’s easy to see the budget behind this movie.  A typical 90’s big-budget kid’s flick.

VERDICT: 3.5/10

I need to see a good movie…soon.  Maybe “Best Worst Movie” or “What Dreams May Come”.


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3 Responses to For Jan. 23rd: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers- The Movie

  1. Lincoln Nora says:

    You give this movie such low ratings but it wasn’t made for adults. Seriously you need to empathize with the target audience. You obviously haven’t leanred that

    • remklov says:

      I believe target audiences are a much too complicated thing to really bring into the judgement of movies. The short version of my belief is that target audiences should be the concern of marketing, not of the film’s creators. When you start to create movies to cater to someone in particular it becomes a product, not a piece of art. It’s not something I’m going to get into now, maybe I’ll write a post about it later.

      Also, I’m not a “Film as Art” avant garde jerk either.

  2. Joseph Jones says:

    I haven’t seen this movie in years but I have a feeling Nostalgia will kill any hate I have for film.

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