For Jan. 20th: Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

Watching “Return of the Killer Tomatoes!” was an experimental viewing on my part. I wanted to see a movie that I had know background on, preferably a sequel, just to test its ability to fill in a back-story.  I find it important because I think that one of modern Hollywood’s problems is that of the trilogy.

I have always been against treating pieces of creative media highly because of  overshadowing positive aspects.  A movie, video game, song, or piece of art should not be given praise just because of one particular aspect, who made it, or any attached intellectual properties.  That said, “Tomatoes” does a pretty good job of what I’m talking about, too bad that it only does an okay job of being the movie it wants to be.

Story: .5/2

B-movie level, obviously.  Mostly acts as a joke carousel.

Acting: 1/2

A young George Clooney brings his comedic timing to the film, but there isn’t to much available out of the other actors.  Most of the good jokes are in the writing.

Photography: 1/2

This and Sound/FX were the two categories I had trouble grading the most.  The main problem they encountered was that of the older B-movie send up.  See, when you’re trying to make fun of B-movies without any budget, it can become difficult for the audience to distinguish when you’re doing tongue-in-cheek humor, or when you actually make a mistake.  The lazy movie will say it’s all a joke, but a good send-up can make it work.

Sound/FX: .5/2

See above.

Misc: 1/2

Decent writing, but not a whole lot else.


I have a hard time saying whether I would even recommend watching this, even for the jokes, because it wears out its welcome by the beginning of the third act.


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One Response to For Jan. 20th: Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

  1. maryfollowsthelamb says:

    Oh wow, I remember “The Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes” and it was hilarious! Thanks for the heads-ups on this sequel.

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