For Jan. 15th: Limitless

So far I’ve managed to ruin a number of people’s opinions on this movie by breaking it down like “Avatar”.  I’ll refrain from that for now so I can tell you what I thought.

“Limitless” is billed as one of those big budget “experimental” dramas.  The kind you see where the producers made sure to put some talent behind it, as well as build up the mystery of the plot through good marketing.

Because of the rate of failure of these sort of movies, I was a little apprehensive about watching it.  But, thankfully,  “Limitless” delivers fairly well on its promise of well-written suspense and mystery.

Story: 1.5/2

A well put together  and unique idea.  If you are’t familiar with the plot, the film revolves around Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper).  Eddie is a hopeless writer whose life seems about to hit rock-bottom.  That is until he is receives a second chance by way of a mysterious pill given to him by his ex-brother in law.  The pill allows him to use 100% of the functioning power of his brain, making him become almost superhuman.

Acting: 1/2

Cooper and De Niro do well as dueling personalities with good talent.  The rest of the cast is yawn-worthy and mostly only serves to shove the plot along.

Photography: 2/2

This is definitely one of the areas where the film shines.  A lot of the important scenes are enhanced through the use of some neat shooting angles.  The photography really went hand in hand with a lot of the editing choices to make the movie really come alive.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

During some of the more hallucinatory scenes, there are some really cool post-production tricks used to great effect.  There is a lot of playing with colors and film grain, as well as some awesome lens ideas.  The coolest part for me was during the initial credits, when they use this cool effect that I can’t even describe very well.  It’s used twice including that time and one other, the second time is awesome.  I also absolutely loved the basic melody of the soundtrack.

Misc: 1/2

To break down the movie in simple terms, the writers placed Flowers for Algernon in modern-day New York and (SPOILERS!) gave the story a happy ending. Add an allegory for modern capitalism and quick-fix “me-centered” societal issues and you’ve got yourself a movie!  Still pretty fun to watch.


Recommended for anyone who likes some suspense or some very cool post-production work.


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