For Jan. 14th: Chillerama

This was definitely a mixed bag of surprise, which isn’t exactly what I was expecting.  I have to say, I’m definitely a growing  fan of a lot of these recent send-ups of the B-movies of yesteryear.  If done right, they’re a lot of fun to watch.

The concept of the movie is that a local drive-in theater is closing down, and the manager is having one last showing.  There is a plot that takes place around the movies that made for a nice respite between each of the four flicks.  The best part of watching this with friends is that I almost found it hard to pay attention to what was happening on screen because we were all laughing too hard.

Story: 1/2

Not great, especially weak at some points.  Most of these are easily looked past because of some good comedic writing.  I was kind of hoping for more from the over-arcing theater plot, and the “Teenage Were-bear” sketch became un-watchable very quickly, but those were the only major disappointments.

Acting: 1/2

Even some spot-on timing and a few good casting choices have a hard time making up for the enormous deficit in skill.  This affects how I would recommend watching it, which I will touch on again later.

Photography: 1.5/2

The editing tricks used in some of the movies were very funny. In this case, these are able to make up for some of the terrible HD quality choices in a few scenes.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

Not bad.  The music choices are good, and the effects are very B-movie.  I especially like the very hokey effects in the first and fourth movies.

Misc: 2/2

Just watching the good parts in the right company, a fun time is positively going to be had.


Highly recommended for any fans of parodies or gross humor.  Absolutely not for children or for those who don’t laugh at dumb jokes.  Also, skip the second movie.  Not really worth it.


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One Response to For Jan. 14th: Chillerama

  1. “…those who don’t laugh at dumb jokes”

    Hmmmm.. you don’t know anyone like that, huh? 😛

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