For Jan. 13th: The Rink/The Floorwalker

In lieu of being able to watch “The Great Dictator”, I chose to watch a pair of short flicks from Mr. Chaplin’s earlier career.  I picked the two at the top of the list on Netflix, “The Rink” and “The Floorwalker”.  I consider myself to be decently educated in the subject of old-school slapstick, and I love my Chaplin movies.  So I knew going into this that would probably enjoy myself.

Both films had basic silent comedy plots, but they were each especially entertaining in their own way.  I’m not even sure at this point if I should review them, because I know the outcome.

Story: 1.5/2

Again, easily understood, fun to watch.  Good Chaplin shorts.

Acting: 2/2

Definitely some of the best comedic talent available at the time.  Eric Campbell is great, as always, opposite Chaplin.

Photography: 1/2

Really cut down to fit onto two reels, but still mostly makes sense.  Editing feels really chopped at times, but it’s almost to be expected with the size of the shorts.

Sound/FX: .5/2

Yeah, they’re silent, old films.

Misc: 2/2

Great.  Difficult to beat some Chaplin slapstick.


Charming in that pre-talkie kind of way.  A must for any students of the early film industry.


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