For Jan. 11th and 12th: From Paris with Love and Rapt


I got “From Paris with Love” on the draw of F-7, and regretted hitting the play button almost immediately.  The movie I had actually planned to watch (Rapt) seemed beforehand like it might be exciting. Another strange parallel has now arisen between the two flicks I watched today.  Both take place in the modern-day Paris metro area.  That’s the only similarity.

It’s really the contrast between the two that makes for a great relation.  One takes place in France and has very little spoken French.  The other is entirely in French and is subtitled.  One uses large and unwieldy action scenes to traverse the story, the other uses boring words.  Of the two, one has a plot that is made confusing by the characters, the other’s plot seems to make the characters confused.  One stars John Travolta in a fat suit, the other does not have him as a part of the cast.

I’ll wait a moment for you to look these up on IMDB real quick to figure out what’s going on…….

Anyway, let’s proceed chronologically.

“From Paris with Love”

Story: .5/2

A pile of drug ring breakups and terrorist plots isn’t made any easier to understand when the characters keep interjecting new plot ideas.

Acting: .5/2

“Oh look at me!  I’m John Tavolta and I’m awesome! Like ohmygaad!”  Jonathon Rhys Meyers does not help to soften this blow.

Photography: 1/2

When the plot and talking slowed a little, there was at least some fairly well drawn up scenes to look at.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

I can’t knock them too hard for the work in the action bits.  Most were relatively imaginative and moved along well.

Misc: .5/2

Meh.  I’ll admit the crew behind the cameras did their jobs well enough to get this train-wreck put together.


How well this movie did in front of critics, the box office, and myself should be a lesson to those who expect to make a quick buck with box office blunders like this.  Leave the crappy action movies to amateurs like me!


Story: 1/2

A kidnapping flick with a rich industrialist as the victim.  The police, his firm, and his family try to figure out how much he is worth to them.  Plenty of twists for a thriller, but it seems like it caught everyone in the movie off guard sometimes.  Even those who were driving the plot seemed a little confused.  The ending was a little too soft as well.

Acting: 1/2

Can’t complain.  Everyone did their job to stay on the ride, even if a couple may have gotten a bad case of nausea from the constant turns.

Photography: 1/2

Trying to go for a grittier tone kind of made a lot of the scenes look a little bland.  This wasn’t helped by lots of static frames.

Sound/FX: 1/2

Nothing terrible, but there wasn’t a lot to fail at.

Misc: 1/2

Looking at the rating for each of the categories, I can find an easy way to sum it up.  It felt like half a movie, missing some of the good parts.


I just looked up a translation for the word “rapt” on Google.  It means “kidnapping” or “abduction”.  The original French title is way cooler, at least to an English speaker like me.  It must sound pretty boring to them.


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