For Jan 8th: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

It’s kind of strange that this is actually the second movie I’ve watched out of 8 with a screenplay adapted from a book.  Also the second with Christopher Lloyd in a supporting role I didn’t know about.  Lots of weird parallels in a short amount of time.  I’m eager to see if this trend keeps up.

Having not read the original book, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  The story in the movie (which apparently differs from that in the book) centers around a newly-admitted patient to a mental hospital, R.P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson).  A headstrong troublemaker, McMurphy quickly becomes entangled with his ward’s head nurse, Nurse Ratched.

Story: 2/2

As I mentioned earlier, I learned after some research that the screen adaptation is supposedly somewhat different from the source material.  The story that is depicted, however, is still a very poignant piece about an emotional struggle for independence from a dominating authority.

Acting: 2/2

Very strong throughout.  Louise Fletcher purveys Nurse Ratched’s cold and calculated actions with brilliance.  Nicholson is perfect as the clever and charismatic McMuphy, who leads a wonderful ensemble cast (many in their first major role).

Photography: 1.5/2

Somehow manages to capture every interesting detail of a mental ward and its patients.  Surprisingly lively for a portrait of something so plain.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

Good sound quality.  Served to bring the dynamic characters to life.  No video effects of any kind, but they’re no requirement.

Misc: 2/2

The fact that this film is one of only 3 to bag the Academy Awards’ “Grand Slam” is probably the best piece of evidence to its merit.


Just go get it. Watch it.  Now.

P.S.- About to get on Netflix and roll the dice for a replacement to “Mystic River”. Wish me luck.


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