For Jan. 6th: Monty Python’s Life of Brian

In watching “Life of Brian”, I have now completed the “holy trinity” of Monty Python films.  I saw “The Search for the Holy Grail” first when I was younger, without any knowledge of the other films.  It’s only recently that I have made plans to watch the other two.  After “The Meaning of Life”, I certainly expected a lot out of this installment.  I’m glad to say it doesn’t disappoint.

“Life of Brian” takes place in the biblical holy land around the time of Jesus’ birth and lifetime.  It follows, however, a man named Brian.  He was born on the same night as Jesus, but in a nearby stable.  The film follows his life as a mistaken, and unwilling, savior of the Jewish people, complete with Monty Python’s lampooning of Roman culture and references to the New Testament.

Story: 2/2

An extremely well-written Monty Python screenplay.  Exactly in the vein of “The Holy Grail”.  That is all you need to know.

Acting: 2/2

The Pythons’ comedic acting skills are not to be questioned.  Graham Chapman leads the cast nicely in the title role, and the other 5 members of the troupe bring the ensemble up quite nicely in multiple parts.

Photography: 1/2

It does well enough to frame each sketch, but not much more.

Sound/FX: 1/2

Kind of the same as the photography.  What was there was simple and fulfilled the requirements of what was needed to enjoy the movie.

Misc: 2/2

There’s not much to say here either.  At this point in reading what I have to say, you have probably decided whether you’re going to see it or not.  I’m starting to feel like I might have under-written this review a little bit.


Sorry I didn’t have much to say, but it really is a dynamite film.  Just go see it, okay?  (Get the “Holy Trinity” 3 pack if you can find it!)


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2 Responses to For Jan. 6th: Monty Python’s Life of Brian

  1. Azevedo says:

    I can’t find anything made by the python’s that is not absolute gold! Maybe “And now for Something Completely Different”, but that was mainly because it was made by a non-python director and was just a compilation of their TV shows highlights.
    If you haven’t seen Flying Circus you should grab it as soon as possible!

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