For Jan. 5th: TrollHunter (Trolljegeren)

Or Troll-"hunted"?

I found what I think may be a strange rule for determining the quality of the more successful of these “Handycam Horror/Monster” movies.  If they take place outside of America (District 9- South Africa, Trollhunter-Norway) and have directors with strange or  indecipherable last names (D9- Blomkamp, TH- Øvredal?) then the quality is generally better.  This opposed to American settings and director last names that more easily roll off the tongue (Paranormal Activity- Peli, Cloverfield- Reeves), having generally lower standards.

That aside, “Trollhunter” is a good movie, a very good movie to be precise.

Story: 1.5/2

The main thread of the story follows three Norwegian teenagers making a documentary about recent bear killings in local wildlife parks.  After finding and apprehending a man named Hans, whom they believe to be the killer of the bears, they learn that he is actually a trolljegeren.  They quickly find out that he is  tasked with keeping the resident troll population in check and, after some negotiation, he allows them to follow him while he performs his secretive duties.  What follows is a crazy bonkers thrill ride.

Acting: 1/2

Nothing special, but everyone performs their functions to keep the story colorful.  Hans (Otto Jespersen) is totally awesome!

Photography: 1.5/2

Typical “handheld” framing still does well to capture the scenes.  That, and it’s hard to make the Norwegian countryside look ugly, because it isn’t.

Sound/FX: 2/2

Awesome.  Just awesome.  This is where this movie really shines.  There were times that I really lost myself in the CG animations of the trolls.  The amount of detail along with the attention to scale made this movie easily as immersive as “Jurassic Park”, as well as others in that class of big monster flicks.  The sound definitely helped the “real” feel of each scene.

Misc: 2/2

Cool idea that was crisply executed.  It all meshed very well and the production value shows.


A definite must-see for any horror/monster movie aficionado, or anyone looking for a movie that’s fun to watch with others.


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2 Responses to For Jan. 5th: TrollHunter (Trolljegeren)

  1. I’ve been really excited for this one but still have yet to see it. I think it’s on Netflix Instant, so I might finally sit down and actually watch it.

    Great review!

  2. Paragraph Film Reviews says:

    Sweet, glad to see other people loving this. Definitely one of my favourite films of 2011. The Troll-Hunter character was my favourite thing about this, borderline absurd but totally believable. Everyone should see this!

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