For Jan. 3rd: The Little Norse Prince

So this was supposed to be my early foray onto anime.  I’m glad to say it went rather well.  “The Little Norse Prince” was a neat little movie that I rather enjoyed.

The film can best be described as an anime of an old Japanese myth re-set in northeastern Europe in the Iron age.  The tale follows that of a boy named Hols, who finds a magic sword and is swept on a wild adventure.  Along the way he meets a rock giant, finds a village under siege by an evil sorcerer, and rescues the damsel in distress.  It is widely praised as being one of the first modern anime films.

Story: 1.5/2

What feels like a two hour animated epic is squeezed into only one hour and twenty minutes, so the plot moves pretty continuously.  Sometimes it can get a little predictable and campy, but it’s fun and never gets boring.  The writing is child-oriented, although I found myself grinning once or twice.

Acting: 1/2

It’s over-dubbing acting from the 1960’s, it’s not like the expectations are super high as far as emoting goes.  “Norse Prince” keeps at least on par with those expectations (even if they’re low), surpassing them especially with some of the children’s voices.  Hols gets honorable mention in this area.

Photography: 1.5/2

This is one of the points at which “Norse Prince” can really shine.  The animation is, of course, done in the beautiful classic style.  The hand drawn method is among my favorites when it comes to animated features.  The broad and luminous world only falters during a few scenes where it becomes a little apparent that time constraints pushed aside artistic intent.  It still looks very good though.

Sound/FX: 1/2

The sound is average, though very polished.  The animation fits more under photography than Fx in this case, so there isn’t much to say here.

Misc: 1/2

It had all the feel of both a classic animated film (along the lines of Disney), and brought a fresh tale to light through a unique stylistic lens.


A definite must-see for anyone who calls themselves an anime or cartoon fan.  Great for a kids movie.  Even good for cheering up those movie critics who may be feeling down.

P.S.- It’s available on Netflix.  When you search for it, itwill look like a TV show, but there is only one episode.


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