For Jan. 2nd: Love, Wedding, Marriage


Ok, let me start by saying that I am not what can be called a romance fan.  Not because I’m a guy, but I just think that the modern-day romance is cheaply written and typically badly acted.  But, seeing as “Dog  Day Afternoon” was only available on DVD from Netflix, a random day it was.  I searched “L” and watched the 7th movie to come up in the results.

“Love, Wedding, Marriage” is a story about newly wedded marriage counselor, Ava (Mandy Moore).  Shortly after her wedding, Ava has to deal with her parents’ divorce.  Her parents are played well by James Brolin and Jane Seymour.  The movie mostly centers around Ava trying to get her parents back together, which makes her begin to ignore her own.

And now to reveal my rating system:

Story: 1/2

The story was ok.  That’s it.  A bit protracted. “Safe” would be the best word.

Acting:  .5/2

The acting was a roller coaster.  A roller coaster that was really flat with a slight bump halfway through.  Moore’s Ava was blah and unsurprising.  I can’t remember anything meaningful or helpful done or said by Charlie, the husband, or Shelby, Ava’s sister.  Thankfully the focus is mainly on Ava’s parents, who give ok performances.  The one good performance was a solid, but short cameo by Christopher Lloyd.

Photography: 1/2

Nothing notable to speak of.  The colors were vibrant in an attempt to get to get the viewer to pay attention to what’s happening.  I did detect one reused shot which made me start to think that they may have rented the cars they used.

Sound/FX: 1.5/2

Everything sounded real, so I guess I have to hand them a solid performance on that.  No effects to grade…

Misc: .5/2

I reserve this area for other things I liked or disliked as well as the intangibles of a movie.  “Love, Marriage, Whatever” just felt too bland and safe for me to really enjoy.  I knew what was going to happen the whole time and I couldn’t get attached enough to the characters to care about them at all.This last part wasn’t helped by the fact that all of the characters were well off.  “Oh no! Charlie lied to Ava?  She better drive to the winery he manages in her Maserati!”.  It just made me that much more disconnected from the characters as a whole.

VERDICT: 4.5/10

A use of time and probably not a very good one at that.  I wouldn’t probably even recommend this as a date movie because the whole marriage thing might be a bit much.  Best for “Girl’s Night In” sort of events.


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